Clay Center Visit


Clay Center Visit

I circled September 18 on my calendar as soon as the K state football schedule came out...

Kansas State's first ever Thursday night game would feature an ESPN national audience as we hosted Auburn.

Located just a "days horse ride" from Ft Riley and Junction City,(and a 35 minute truck drive to the Little Apple),CLAY Center was founded on the banks of the Huntress river by Orville Huntress in 1862(though some argue the Dexter brothers were actually there first...)

The local historians tell me that for all practical purposes, Kansas was settled from east to west,and Clay Center was just the next natural stepping stone west of Junction City. The mail route could be easily expanded to Clay Center, and the Flint Hills started just west and south of the city, so the flat geography of the Republican river valley would make easy building .

The city was named for former speaker of the house, Senator, and Secretary of State Henry Clay(1777-1852).

This years president of the Rotary of Clay Center is Nathan Persinger (Union State Bank.) Like many of our Rotarian leaders, Nathan is a military veteran(Iraq in 2003 and 2004).

Clay Center has 23 Paul Harris Fellows.
Their fund raisers and service projects have included:Radio Day, Grocery Grab,Animal Shelter,Park Projects and restrooms,shelter house, and youth sports.

Like many of our clubs, the Rotary Club of Clay Center quietly goes about its service, and is truly lighting up their community.

Thank you Nathan and Rotary Club of Clay Center!