Colby Visit


Colby Visit

I've been looking forward to my visit to the Rotary club of Colby, the "Oasis on the Plains." This is another one of the strongest clubs in the district, and the city is full of economic growth and diversity.

President Eric Griggs leads the club this year. My hosts were Rotarian and Mayor of Colby, Gary Adrian and Rotarian and county commissioner Paul Steele.  With eleven parks and a new walking trail, the Rotary signature is stamped all over the city.  Rotary trees line the new ball fields; the bleachers and press box were also Rotary projects.
One of their club members, Dr LaDonna Regeir, runs a medical clinic in Ghana, which is sponsored by the Colby club. The club has a page full of other projects they co-sponsor and support.

The Colby club probably does as good of job as any marketing themselves, and sharing in an upbeat, professional fashion what they do...This has led to positive growth in their club.

With an unemployment rate of 1.1 percent, the biggest struggle the community faces is the need for more laborers, both skilled and unskilled. Mid west energy plans on placing a 4000 panel solar energy producing plant just on the north side of the city soon.  At an elevation of 3100 feet, and with minimal haze, Colby lends itself to more efficient solar energy production than most Kansas communities. The draw back to this situation, is that this high elevation makes for quick evaporation on crops, but don't worry, one of our new Rotarians is working on that problem at a local Kansas State university Research center.

Near-by McCarty Dairy is a main producer of milk for Dannon Yogurt. Red River confection sunflower processing plant is the largest of its kind in the state.
A new aquatic center, new firehouse, and lots of new housing help fill out the city. The local community college is the pride of all, and boats the only "Vet-Tech" program in the state.

The Prairie Museum boasts the "largest barn" in Kansas, along with a sod house, and a wonderful historical perspective of western Kansas, speaking of which, preacher and land assessor J.R. Colby founded Colby in 1885.  The railroads soon followed.

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Colby, for all they do for the local community, and the world.