Ellinwood Rotary Visit


New rotary district 5670 governor roger Marshall and spouse Laina made their first official club visit to the rotary club of Ellinwood.

Of note, District Governor Roger delivered Ellinwood club president Ben and Julie Jacobs' twins 5 years ago.

Ellinwood Rotary has sponsored and organized the After Harvest parade for 41 years.They also support the June Jaunt run and provide several local scholarships. The club has also helped provide playground equipment  for the community, and sponsor the Annual Sports banquet. The Ellinwood rotary club has  6 Paul Harris fellows and one Paul Harris society member, Terry Brown.
Pres., Ben Jacobs * Pres., Elect., Catherine Strecker *  Treas., Kent Roth *  Sec., Irlan Fullbright
ATHLETIC AWARD BANQUET – Rotary cooks a meal and provides people to serve food and beverages to student athletes and their parents.  Coaches recognize sports achievements by teams and players.  We have a speaker at this event to motivate and thank the students for their dedication to their school and their sport.  We have been doing this ever year since 1949.
AFTER HARVEST FESTIVAL PARADE – Mid July each year is area wide festival time that includes many activities for all ages.  Rotary organizes the parade from invitations being mailed in March and April to lining up floats on the Saturday morning of the parade.  We stared doing this in July of 1980.
EMT/FIREMAN APPRECIATION PICNIC – In the fall each year, Rotary is host to the Ellinwood Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance service personnel.  A picnic meal is provided to express our appreciation for their services to our community.  We have done this since 1987.
HI-WAY CLEAN UP –  Changed to Street Clean Up. We clean the ditches on the west edge and the east edge of Ellinwood. We use to clean the road ditches of 2 miles of US Highway 56 east of Ellinwood.  We have done this since 1992.
BOY SCOUTS – We have been helping the scouting program since being on their charter in 1938.
SCHOLARSHIPS – We award 2 or 3 $300.00 to $500.00 scholarships to local students each year.
DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN AWARD – We choose and have a dinner to recognize a local individual for service and dedication they have given to Ellinwood.  This award has been given since 1976 and announce at the Valentine Banquet.
VALENTINE BANQUET –This banquet includes Rotary member’s spouse/guest and is held in February each year.  Rotary recognitions are presented as well as announcement of any new Paul Harris Fellows.
JUNIOR ROTARIANS – The club recognizes and invites two high school seniors each month as Junior Rotarians.  They are informed of the importance of being an active part of a service organization and invited to attend two meeting in the month they are recognized.
ROTARY CENTENNIAL PROJECT—(To recognize Rotary becoming 100 years old)  We designed and erected a pond and water falls for an attention center of the city park on Main Street.  It was finished in 2005.
HUNTER EDUCATION –At one time four Rotarians were State certified instructors.  We offered one class each year; classes average 25-28 students with student age ranging from 9 – to 50. We first offered this in 1979. Due to State regulation changes and loss of instructors we stopped offering this after 28 years.
Ellinwood Rotary Club donated to the Fire Department’s “Helmet for Life” fund and to the Fire Safety Trailer.  Funds were given to help the Chambers “Gateway to Cheyenne Bottoms” sign project.  In 1998 labor and money was donated to the Grade School Health Fair and Nature Center. Rotary members have assisted at the recycling center until a self-serve recycling trailer was purchased in 2003. We donated to the Fire Escape teen center.
We partnered with Lyons and Sterling Rotary Clubs to send 2 “Shelter Box” to a tsunami stricken area in 2008, and another one in 2009.  We started a program to give books to children visiting the Hospital Clinic, to encourage reading in 2008.  A fund raiser was planned and done on St. Patrick’s Day, 2009, we made and sold “Irish Strew”, it was Good.  Our 2nd time for this was in 2010.With a grant we  helped  the local Day Care purchase and erect a toy storage building in March 2011.  In 2012 we used Rotary district matching grant to purchase 5 trees that are planted in City parks. 
In May 2013 and 2014  we sponsored a “get your kicks on 96” color run as fund raiser.  
What Does the Rotary Club Do?
Someone asked me that question once,
And I stood there feeling like a dunce!
What do our Rotarians do!
I hemmed and hawed a time or two,
Then said, “We gather for a meal
And ask each other how we feel.
Get our food and have some fun,
Chattering till the meal is done.
We get club business out of the way
And have the program for the day,
Some are good and some are great!
And. some run on till fairly late.”
But then my friend, he turned to go,
“That wasn’t,” he said,
“What I wanted to know.”
I’ve thought a lot about this since.
What could I possibly say to convince
My Friend that Rotary does more than
meet.. Greet.Take a Seat.
Well, this is how I would make amends
By explaining Rotary to my friends.
Five million children are healthy today
In lands both near and far away
Who otherwise might be lame.or dead
From polio.that childhood dread!
And hungry children are being fed
Through better ways to grow their bread.
Rotarians in many lands are teaching,
And doctors of all kinds are reaching
Out to heal the sick and lame
With little thought for wealth or fame,
And men and women are meeting the
To teach little children how to read.
Youth come here from every land
In answer to our outstretched hand
To learn to know us and know our ways
Bringing peace and friendship to all our
And clubs are formed in every nation,
For fellowship and conversation,
For education and information,
And practicing the cultivation
Of peace on earth, good will to all
And a speedy end to every wall
Which separates the folk of earth
And keeps us from seeing each other’s
A hundred things there are to say
About what Rotarians do each day,
In every land and every town
To lift someone when they are down
And help each other along the way.
Service Above Self.
What more can I say.
Well, if my Friend should ask again,
I’ll have an answer for him then!
Author: Jack Matrow, Ellinwood Kansas Rotary Club February 10, 1997
Thank you Rotary club of Ellinwood for what you do to "Light up Rotary!"