Goodland Visit


Goodland Visit

Goodland was named for settlers from Goodland,Indiana. The city sprang up as the Chicago,Rock Island, and Union Pacific Railroads were built through it.

Setting at an elevation of 3681 feet, Goodland is the "top" club in our district, at least that's what Rotarian and local historian John Golden tells us!

I was hosted by President Marty Melia as well as Past District Governor Wayne Aten((1989) and his beautiful wife Barbara. Wayne and Barb had 9 department stores back in the day. They reconfirmed my past thought, "I've never met a bad person from Nebraska...." The Nebraska culture is quite similar to us Kansan's, "salt of the earth," as my grandma used to say.

The Vincent Van Gogh Easel may well be District 5670 best known signature project.

Painted in 2005 to honor Rotary Internationals 100th anniversary, this replica of van Gogh's "Three sunflowers in a Vase" dwarfs over the entry into Goodland. It's truly a site to behold, and in my opinion, one of the 7 man made wonders of Kansas.

I also visited Gulick park which includes a large picnic shelter provided by Rotarians.

I was also impressed by a large sunflower seed processing center.

Every May, the rotary club of Goodland hosts Vietnam Veterans as they motorcycle caravan from the west coast to the Vietnam memorial.( The motorcycle parade starts on the west coast and picks up new riders as it makes it way east. The Goodland Rotarians work with Boy Scouts and other service organizations to provide breakfast for these honored soldiers. The event concludes with a REMEMBRANCE at the Vietnam memorial. 

The Goodland Rotarians also work with meals on wheels, run a merry go round at the county fair,sponsor a watermelon feast on the Forth of July,donate "Brain Games" to new mothers,
and provide scholarships for local students.

Goodland has 17 Paul Harris fellows, and one Paul Harris Society member.

Well done Rotary Club of Goodland. Your club is "Lighting up Rotary." 

Keep up the "GOOD-land " service!!