Lindsborg Visit


Lindsborg Visit

The 12th of 14 children, my maternal grandfather, Harold T Nelson was conceived in Sweden, and was the first child of his family born in this country (1911). The family eventually made it's way to a quarter section of ground located 3 miles east of Burns,Kansas. Besides learning how to farm and ranch, I also learned a few Swedish customs and traditions on that family farm. Thus, with some anticipation, I have been looking forward for some time to my visit to the Rotary Club of Lindsborg!

We met at the Bethany College student union.....the home of the "Fighting Swedes!"
President Carl Isaacson provided a warm welcome....of interest, Lindsborg Rotarian Lee Decker has participated in several polio inoculation days in India (India has been polio free now for some 3 years .)

Founded in 1869 by Swedish immigrants from Varmland,Sweden, 30 percent of the city is still made up of citizens with Swedish Ancestry.

Lindsborg should be on every ones Christmas shopping tour(I know it's on my moms and my wife's! Everyone needs a Dala horse for their Christmas tree.

The Svensk Hyllningsfest is held biennially in October of odd numbered years.

The Sandzen Gallery located on the campus or Bethany College is world class.