Lyons Visit


Lyons Visit


Some 7 years ago, the Rotary Club of Lyons purchased a church building, and turned it into a community building. Now that building houses "Narcotics Anonymous" as well "Al Anon."

The Club continues to support the building, and unite local resources to keep it afloat.  The Rotary club purchases the lawn mower, but the users maintain the lawn.  The Rotary club helps support fund raisers like the local fish fry, where local motorcycle enthusiasts and fisherman combine resources and talents to support this effort.

Additionally, the club has built, with their hands and monies a beautiful Gazebo in the community walking park and nearby multipurpose facility, and recently have added to the adjacent Estes park.  One of our newest Paul Harris Fellow members, Liz Higgins, got to enjoy the fruits of the clubs efforts, as the First wedding at the Gazebo was her daughter, Becky.

Finally, the club is placing Kiosks around the courthouse square which describe the history of the city.

The Rotary Club of Lyons is making a difference in their community!!!

The club is led this year by another bright young face in our district, Lyons middle school principal, Kevin Young. The club is anchored by yet another one of my Rotary mentors and friends, Past District Governor Bob Friesen and Stall Worth club secretary Barb Koch!

Lyons, the Land of Quivira (part of Coronado's search for gold), was founded in 1876 and named for civil was hero, Freeman Lyons.

Thanks, Rotary club of Lyons, for your service, and for "Lighting up Rotary! "