Ness City Visit

Ness City Visit

On August 5, Laina and I made the journey to Ness city.

The countryside was as green as I can recall for an August summer in Central Kansas.

From Rush Center, to Ness, the plains were dotted with baby calves, and many new oil Wells!The oil wells continued west and north of Ness for quite some distance.

Laina and I were hosted by club president Galen Pffanensteil. We were honored that two past district governors, Pete Marcus(2010)) and Basil Marhofer (1969) were able to attend.
Basil also later served as a Director and Vice President for Rotary International, and traveled the world in this capacity.

Service comes in many opportunities, including with our acquaintances. I was moved to see the passion and care the Ness city club shows to Basil. Most weeks a different member picks him up,and brings him to the club meeting and returns him home. Though advanced in years, Basil is an important contributing member of this club.

First StateBank CEO Boyd Beutler writes a great informative newsletter each week.

The club had a very successful fireworks sale this year raising some $4000 and provides scholarships for local students.

After the meeting, we visited the "Sky scraper of the Plains," a beautiful bank which has been renovated and turned into a museum of sorts.

At the museum, we learned that Ness County and the city were named for a brave young corporal in the Civil War.

We also learned that past district governor Basil had a significant role in the saving and renovation of this beautiful bank.

The Ness club has 8 Paul Harris Fellows,2 Paul Harris society members (Ann Fitzgerald and Joel Fitzgerald).

Basil and Cecelia are "Bequest Society" members for Rotary International.

Rotary club of Ness City, thanks for the great hospitality!