Norton Visit


Norton Visit







After taking a week off our travels to attend to the state fair Rotary booth, Laina and I were back on I -70 and soon headed north on Kansas highway 283.

Norton ,Kansas was founded in 1872 on he north side of Prairie Dog creek. It was named for Civil War  officer Captain Orloff Norton, of the Kansas 15th Calvary division.

It's always amazing to see what Mother Nature can do in a week in Kansas. Many of the freshly planted brown fields from  last week were now engulfed with a sea of new green winter wheat.  And a few of the milo fields were now completely Auburn brown, hinting at a bumper grain harvest.

I had the pleasure of meeting club president Ted Sanko (now serving  his fifth term as club President) and stall worth club secretary Jerry  Moritz this past spring.   Both club leaders and I hit it off very easily,,, Ted's military and FBI experience  reminded me very much of my no non-swnce chief of police father and Jerry's engineer (Kansas department of Transportation) methodology were very easy for me to follow and communicate....  No emails would be necessary with these two in charge....Yes meant yes, and no meant no...They were the first club to turn in their club plan report, and I think the first club to induct 5 new embers this year.....quire a feet for a club nestled in a city of 3000 people.

Ted and his hospitable wife Connie gave Laina and I a great tour of the city of Norton...And we got to check in on several of Ted"s general contracting projects(movie theater).

Laina , again thanks to Connie, even got some of her Christmas shopping done at a wonderful kitchen supply store down town. Thanks Connie.

Valley Hope is part of the Norton community.  For those of you not aquatinted with this operation, it is one of the leading and most respected alcohol and drug treatment centers in the country,   Founded in 1967 in Norton, Valley Hope now has locations in 7 has one of her highest long term success rates in the country.

For years, the Rotary club of Norton has  sponsored the norton BB gun club.  This  7 time national champion team helps build character along with sharp shooting skills.

It was a great afternoon in Norton ,Kansas....OBTW: we got to pick up a Great Bend Panther JV football victory on the way home!!! and watch son Cal score two touchdowns!

What a great life we have!

P.s. We enjoyed a great tasting sweet watermelon from Ted and Connie's garden the next night.