Phillipsburg Visit


Phillipsburg Visit

This is my second trip north this week......about a 2 and a half hour drive for me from great bend......the ride was filled with phone calls about final plans as our district, a
not with 5790 set up the first ever in the USA, shelter box and polio display at the state fair. We will have both a shelter box tent and an IRON lung (from 1951) on display.

A special thanks to the Barton county historical society and fellow Rotarian Beverly Komarek for making this happen..

Anyways, back to Phillipsburg....

The rotary club of Phillipsburg was lively to say the least. Their singing and nearing and jabbing makes for an interesting lunch and stimulating fellowship.! President Rodger Van Loenen and past district governors Curt Ericson and Ron Boeve,sr gave me a warm welcome and many words of encouragement,

PDG Curt turns out to be quite a stray teller.....He played semi pro baseball with Tiger Woods' dad in Great Bend one summer. Turns out a Earl was from Abilene and was catcher on this semi pro team and went on to play for Kansas State university.....OBTW: Curt also was one of the cofounders of Great Plains Health Alliance, a corporation that I have been working with for the past 5 truly is a small Rotary world!

I also got to see a young man who I helped recruit when I was the Rush Chairman for the Beta house at KSU, Scott Sage. Scott and his wife have raised two fine boys in Phillipsburg, and the youngest is now a senior, quarterbacking the football tam this year. It was just great to see Scott. I almost feel like I am part of their club already! 

I would be remiss to not say, that quality fellowship is one of the top 3 reasons people around the world join rotary, and a big reason many of us stay in Rotary...don't underestimate the importance of can't be all work, and no play!

Located on the western edge of the Smoky Hills, Phillipsburg was founded in 1872 and named for politician and journalist William A. Phillips.

Ft Bissel provided my history fix for this jaunt. It was also built in 1872 as a shelter from wandering Indian bands. The buildings and artifacts are well preserved and /or great replicas.

Perhaps Huck Boyd (1907-1987) is Phillipsburg's most famous citizen. Huck was the publisher of the local paper, and a great community leader. Huck was one of the original founding members for the local Rotary club. He was also the grandfather of my Kansas State University pledge son, Larry Boyd!

"The Branding Iron" and "the Chubby Pickle "are two classic restaurants stops for any one going down highway 36.

Rotary club of Philipsburg....thanks for allowing me to be part of your club!