Rotary at State Fair


Rotary at State Fair

From September 5 to September 12, Rotary Kansas districts 5670 and 5690 will be hosting the first ever in the U.S. of A. SHELTER BOX and END POLIO NOW state fair booth in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The service project includes:

1) Over 117 Rotarians will volunteer over 350 hours of SERVICE.
2) Over 2000 bottles of water with the Rotary logo will be given away.
3) As well over 1000 "End Polio Now" and "Shelter Box" magnets
4) And some 500 Rotary gift sacs.
5) We hope to raise enough money to purchase 2 Shelter boxes.($1000 per box.)
6) Over 350,000 people attend the state fair annually...we expect to interact with at least a tenth of this crowd!!!

Thanks to the Barton County Historical Society for loaning us a 1950 Iron Lung.  This iron lung was used for polio victims in a hospital polio ward in the 1950's and 1960's.  And a special thanks to Marmies motors of Great Bend and Good Samaritan Mike Zinn for transporting this 800 plus pound package to and from the fair. It's proven to be quite a conversation piece and attention grabber along with the SHELTER BOX Tent and it's contents.

I would be remiss to not mention the leadership and passion that Past District Governor, "Mr Shelter Box," Marshall Stanton has shown for this as well as many other Shelter Box Projects.  He truly is a great ambassador for Rotary, and Rotary's only official partner, Shelter Box.  Working with Marshall on this project will be one of my fondest memories for my year as District Governor.

Thanks to all who volunteered!  We are LIGHTING up Rotary, and making the world a better place!
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