Rotary E-club, Heart of America 5679


Rotary E-club, Heart of America 5679:


My last official visit to our clubs I did from home!

With members from four countries (Cebu, Philippines, Germany, Korea) and 5 states, our new E-club represents the future of Rotary for younger generations.  Though a very young club, officially chartered this spring, the club members already have a compassionate bond for one another and rotary, they've had a significant presence at our district meetings and Rotary International meetings.  Led by one our districts most passionate members, Past District Governor and club president Keith Hooper, our district e-club is making a huge difference in the Philippians.
(there was no image from this, so I just Google searched "rotary e-club" and found an image there to use for the FB post. i attached it, but if it isn't the right size, i think you can Google search and find what you need for the website.) 


Presenting to my computer was not as easy as doing it in person, but I hope the club members know that we do care about them, that we support them, and all the service they are doing in their communities, and abroad.

I would encourage any of our members to email President Keith Hooper and get a login number for a "go to meeting" on Tuesday night at 7 pm, Kansas time.  Or, if you ever want to make up a meeting, you can go their web site and choose a program to review.

I look forward to logging in from time to time, and cultivating a relationship with these wonderful Rotarians.