Russell Visit


Russell Visit

With the fall now in full colors, I journeyed to one of the top Rotary clubs of 5670, the Russell Rotary Club.

Russell was first a stop for the Butterfield Overland Dispatch Stage coach, and, later, you guessed it, a stop for the Kansas Pacific railway.  In 1923, Russell's first oil well was discovered, and oil remains a strong contributor for the economy there.

The club is led by young community leader, UMB bank officer, and father of 3 and a half children, Dustin Smith.  Dustin 's leadership is in display as I walk into a room full of young professionals who are excited about SERVING their community.  Part of the success of the club goes back to the SERVANT leadership shown by Past District Governor Odetta Marietta, district governor nominee Randy Krug, and 5670 Assistant Governor, Andrea Krug.

The club has helped assist in multiple community projects, including a walkway at the hospital, play ground equipment, the local theatre, meals on wheels, scholarships, placing over 300 flags on appropriate holidays. They also sponsor an art auction, the Flat Land car show, and dictionaries.

Their signature project is "Rotary Rescue!" The club works with local fire fighters, police, and the Red Cross to be the first people on the scene of such events as fires or natural disasters. The club provides warmth, clothing, and emotional support for the families.

It was a great day to honor the Rotary club of Russell for their service to their community!