Sharon Springs Visit

Sharon Springs Visit

August 7th, 2014

I was awakened about 5:45 this morning by an expectant mother to be. Mother Nature cooperated very Nicely, so I was able to head for Sharon springs a bit earlier than I planned. For one of the first times in my life, I was able to relax and really enjoy the drive.

You know you are a Kansan when you choose K 96 to drive from Great Bend to Sharon Springs as opposed to the interstate.

Laina was unable to make this trek as Cal, our youngest had a wisdom tooth issue.

Today is Laina's birthday !

Once again, I was stricken by the greenness of the fields, and the commerce on the roads. I had visited Sharon Springs on January 23, as part of my pre-Governor listening tour. A drought that really stretched back some 3 years was rearing it's ugly head. At that time,the wheat crop was in poor shape, the ponds were dry, and the economy sluggish.

Wow! What a difference the rain makes! The wheat crop turned out much better than expected. The fall crops are the best I've witnessed in years. The city parks were full of children playing. The city was alive again!

The Sharon Springs Rotary club met in the new Methodist church,with a magnificent catered lunch from Weskan. It included a truly great tasting home grown garden salad,Polish potato salad and grilled chicken.

Club president Cindy Aglemyer hosted us. Past district governor, and new Arch Klumph society member Art Mai,along with Art's son and grandson were in attendance.(please see separate article about Art). 

The rotary club of Sharon Springs is currently helping sponsor the renovation of "North Park." The Wallace community foundation is involved as well.. Rotarian Etta Walker helps head up the foundation. Kansas state university sophomore Jenna Kriegh is working on this park project as well.

Another highlight of this trip was meeting Rita Williams, who became the first female Rotarian in our district 5670 in 1987.

The final thrill of the day was a surprise tour of the Wallace county museum, which is about 7 miles east of Sharon Springs. The museum also serves as a rest stop(now that's true Kansas ingenuity ). This museum is really a gem, one of the best "small town museums" I've ever visited. ( Rotarian Jayne Pierce is director of the museum. She and husband Cecil gave me a great tour!

The museum boasts a great barbed wire collection and multiple artifacts from the 7th Calvary and Kansas plains history from 1865 to 1895.

It's a must see for any history connesur. 

Sharon Springs has 5 Paul Harris fellows. They do dictionaries for 3 rd graders,Pinky Polio,hunters breakfast,county fair merry-go-round,local scholarships, and park improvements.

I looked all over for the "Springs" the city was named. I guess there are no springs. The city was named for settlers from Sharon Springs, New York.