Sterling Visit


Sterling Visit

The signature SERVICE project of the Rotary club of Sterling is the "Sterling Community Chest."  For decades, the club has led this local fundraiser for the community. The members literally go door to door tom very house in the community and hand out fliers and ask citizens to contribute to the fund which serves as the main sponsor for most all the local nonprofits, such as Red Cross, scouts, hospice, Salvation Army, Food Bank, and even funds the rotary dictionary project.

This year’s club is led by another one of our districts bright, energetic, young emerging leaders, independent insurance agent Kyle Young. Kyle and his wife Krystal have two preschool aged sons.

Sterling was founded in 1872, originally called "Peace." Two brothers later changed the name to Sterling to honor their father, Sterling Rosan.

In the 1890's, Joseph S. Dillon, founder of the Dillon's grocery chain, got his start by working at the Sterling General store.

Sterling College and the city of Sterling is one of the most scenic and well maintained, or "beautified" if you will, of all the cities I've ever visited.


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